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Watershed Distillery is ready to serve more than its craft spirits.

The Columbus distillery, thanks to a law change last fall, is adding a restaurant and bar to its facility at 1145 Chesapeake Ave. that’s expected to open by Feb. 1.

Plans call for a 70-seat full-service restaurant and craft cocktail bar with a 50-person capacity private event space that looks into the distillery’s barrel room. There will be a 30-seat patio as well.

“The goal of the bar is to be an extension of our brand in order to help us share our story,

Brew-vitational 2016: The winners – 3 champs, 2 divisions

By Craig LaBan –

Of the 64 beers from 35 breweries on The Inquirer’s tasting table, judges crowned three champs in two categories: the “new” beers of 2016, and “sour” beers in various styles.

1. Bell Buoy, Belgian Blonde Ale (7.3%), Slack Tide Brewing Co. From one of the newest, smallest breweries, this is a well-made Jersey Shore take on a classic Belgian blonde that the judges found “clean and biscuity” with a lean golden body, good balance, fruity banana and clove notes on the nose, and a nice, grassy hop finish. As one judge wrote: “This is the one I can’t wait to have again.” 2. The Russian, Imperial Stout (9%), 2SP Brewing Co. Brewer Bob Barrar, who was known for his Russian Imperial Stout at Iron Hill, has tweaked the recipe for his new rendition of this big boy, and the judges found it richly malted and complex, with notes of molasses, licorice, and coffee, and a “durable head and full body” that some found “a bit hefty.” Another called it “yummy but geeky.” Click Here To Read More!

Los Angeles Bartending Schools

National Bartenders School of Los Angeles, California has become our newest affiliated bartending school.

National Bartenders School of LA first opened in 1984 and has five bartending schools in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. The five bartending schools are located in Costa Mesa, Hollywood, Lakewood, Orange County and Santa Monica.

These 5 bartending schools in Los Angeles offer our graduates great job placement opportunities in the greater Los Angeles, California market.

Bartending in Los Angeles is a great career that can never be outsourced. Top bartenders can earn six figures a year at the best spots. This is unheard of in the Midwest.

If you live in Columbus and are thinking of relocating to Los Angeles and could use an extra $200 to $500 a night in cash, bartending in LA. may be for you.

Did You Know? – Jagermeister

This is the third of a series of “Did You Know?”. This will be information about the world of spirits. I will be featuring a different spirit in each “Did You Know” blog.

Jagermeister is a drinkable bitters liqueur that was developed in Germany in 1934. Its secret recipie still remains secret to this day.

It was launched to the German market in 1935.

The first case of Jagermeister was shipped to the United States in 1971.

Jagermeister is made from 56 herbs, fruits, woods, barks and roots from all over the world: for example cinnamon bark, cloves, ginger roots, saffron and coriander fruits… and of course, the secret herbs for the secret recipe developed by Curt Mast, the founder of Jagermeister.

Jagermeister is sold in over 60 countries all over the world.

For more facts about Jagermeister you can check out their website!

Did You Know? – Anheuser-Busch

This is the second of a series of “Did You Know?”.This will be information about the world of spirits. I will be featuring a different spirit in each “Did You Know” blog.

Beer is a food product and does have a shelf life. Anheuser Busch Beers packaged in bottles and cans has a shelf life of 110 days from the born on date printed on each can and bottle of Anheuser Busch beers. Draft beer from Anheuser Busch is 50 days from the born on date.

Can & Bottled beer is pasturized. Draft Beer is not, so draft must be kept cold at all times.

Foam head is a good thing. Beer poured down the side of the glass eliminating the foam head will make the beer look flat and unappealing. It will make the beer taste gassy and will fill you up faster.

A half-barrel of beer holds 15.5 gallons and yields 154 servings. Drawing a beer down the side of the glass eliminating the foam head only will serve about 124 servings. That is a large loss in servings and profits as well.

For more facts about Anheuser Busch products you can check out their many websites!

Did You Know? – Red Stripe

This is the fourth of a series of “Did You Know?”. This will be information about the world of spirits. I will be featuring a different spirit in each “Did You Know” blog.

Red Stripe Beer was 1st brewed in 1928 at Surrey Brewery located in Kingston, Jamaica. When first brewed it had a more ale like flavor and was very rich and flavorful.

In 1938, a lighter golden style lager version was introduced, and is the same version that is enjoyed worldwide today.

During World War II, American and Canadian soldiers who were in Jamaica were introduced to Red Stripe, and sales skyrocketed.

In 1956 the new Hunt’s Bay Brewery was built and in 1962 they began exports to Grand Cayman and Eastern Caribbean.

In 1974 Red Stripe began exports to the USA.

Red stripe has a 9-month shelf-life and contains 4.7% alcohol

For more information on Red Stripe check out their website at

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